双语丨失业问题持续 危机或达“转折点”

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Job Losses Continue but Crisis Could be Reaching 'Turning Point'

失业问题持续 危机或达“转折点”

Job losses have continued to be prevalent in the oil and gas industry this year, and there are further cuts to come, but the crisis could be reaching a turning point, according to an industry report released Tuesday.


More contractors have reduced both their permanent and contract staff than at any other point in the history of the 25th Oil and Gas survey, conducted by Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, and fewer are working at or above optimum levels than ever before.

英国阿伯丁和格兰扁区商会(Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, AGCC)做了第二十五次油气行业调查,然而有越来越多的承包商减少了固定员工和合同制员工,削减数量比这次调查历史上的任何时间点都要多,而且相比以往,现在能有良好工作状态不错的人也越来越少。

As the industry has worked to drive down costs and adapt to the new low oil price landscape, the survey also reveals that 43 percent of respondents have reduced pay in the past year, including 15 percent who cut it by an average of 10 percent.


In addition, 40 percent of all firms - compared to 25 percent in the previous survey - reported making significant changes to terms and conditions. This is not only salary and bonus payment reductions, but also in changes to shift pattern and working hours, pension contributions, medical plans and benefits packages.

此外,40%的公司-相比之前调查中的25% -报告称对合同条款有较大调整。不仅减少了工资和奖金,还改变了轮班模式和工作时长、养老金缴纳、医疗保险和其他福利。

While more than two-thirds of employers shed staff over the past year - by 15 percent for operators and 7 percent for contractors - there are some positive signs that the rate of employee cuts could slow in the year ahead, the report said.


Six months ago, operators were predicting a 17 percent reduction in numbers which has now fallen to 5 percent, with a similar reduction from 2 percent to 1 percent by contractors.

Confidence levels have also improved for both the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) and internationally over the past 12 months, albeit from the lowest point since the first survey in 2004.

六个月前,运营商还预计会裁员17%,而现在已下降到5%,承包商的裁员预计也从2%下降到1%。 在过去12个月中,英国大陆架油气项目(UKCS)和国际上的就业状况信心水平有所提升,虽然是和2004年第一次调查以来的最低点相比。

Two out of three respondents believe the sector has already reached the bottom of the current cycle, or will do so within the next year, and a further 25 percent feel it will be within the next one to two years.


“We're likely to remain in an uncertain position through 2017 and ‘the bottom’ will arrive at different times and feel different for each company,” James Bream, research & policy director at Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, said.

AGCC研究&政策主管James Bream说:“到2017年,我们很可能仍然很难定位,触底时间并不确定,各公司实际遭受的情况也不尽相同。”

“It is clear that companies are striving to become fitter, leaner and they are working hard to look for new markets to secure their future and employment levels where that is within their control. There is no question of complacency in the North-east and our brilliant people will continue to demonstrate that the oil and gas sector should be considered a success story in generating economic value for the UK economy,” he added.


Looking further ahead, 79 percent of contractors said they would “definitely” or “possibly” be more involved in decommissioning in the next three to five years, and 53 percent said they would “definitely” or “possibly” be more involved in renewables.


Seventy percent expect to be involved in unconventional oil and gas activity in the UK, with 64 percent involved outside the UK.


Despite most firms (58 percent) expecting the decision to leave the EU to have no impact, almost a third (31 percent) expect the result to have a negative impact and 8 percent felt that the impact would be extremely negative. Only 3 percent predict a positive impact.

尽管大多数公司(58%)期望脱欧不会产生任何影响,但几乎三分之一(31%)的公司预计脱欧将产生负面影响,还有8%的公司认为这种负面影响将十分严重。 另外,只有3%的人预测会产生积极影响。