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Apple could be making its first touch screen device without a home button due fo'...

Apple could be making its first touch screen device without a home button due for release next year. The Cupertino giant could be working on an iPad without the unlock button on the front of the device, reports suggest.


The upcoming 10.9-inch iPad, which is expected to be unveiled early next year, will still have a FaceTime camera on the top, but there will be no space for a home button at the bottom of the screen, according to Maktotakara.

这款期待中的10.9寸平板,将于明年初发布,顶部依然会保留 FaceTime 摄像头,但底部却没有Home键的空间,据Maktotakara报道。

Removing the home button will make space for a larger screen on the tablet that is likely to be the same size as the current 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Home键被移除将使得这款平板的屏幕尺寸和目前9.7寸的 iPad Pro 相同。

The rumours also suggest that the iPad will have smaller buttons on the top and side, as well as being the same thickness as the iPad Air 2 rather than the size of the iPad Pro. This increase is to make space for the battery given the larger screen size.

还有传闻称,这款平板的顶部和侧面按键都会变小,厚度也与iPad Air 厚度相同。增加设备厚度是为了给电池提供空间以支撑更大的屏幕。

Apple plans to keep selling the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, Makotakara said, alongside the 10.9-inch device, but will drop the price of the current tablet and aim it towards the lower end of the market.

Makotakara的报告称,苹果发布这款10.9寸的平板后, 9.7寸的 iPad Pro计划继续销售,不过会降价以针对低端市场。

The newer iPad, by comparison, is being designed for use in schools and businesses where a larger screen is necessary. As well as the 10.9-inch iPad, Apple is reportedly working on a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro that will be an extra 3mm thick. It isn’t clear if it will have a home button or not.

相比这下,这款新平板主要面向学校和企业等需要较大屏幕的群体。与此同时,据报道苹果还在开发一款12.9寸的 iPad Pro,其厚度也会增加3毫米,但有没有Home键目前尚不清楚。

Neither the 10.9-inch or 12.9-inch iPads will have an OLED screen, reports suggest. The latest screen technology is expected to be held until the 2018 iPad release.


The iPhone 8, due for release next September is also rumoured to be missing the home button. It is likely to have a TouchID that sits behind the screen rather than a physical button beneath it.

即将于明年9月发布的iPhone8,传闻也不会有Home键。它极有可能会在显示屏下方设一个Touch ID,而不是在下面设一个物理按钮。